Abortion Pill and ER Care: What do I do?

Abortion Pill and ER.

If you have chosen to have a medical abortion, it’s normal to get worried about what you would do in case complications that could necessitate emergency care arise. Though medical abortions are generally safe and effective, one must know the potential of their complications and when it is suitable for them to consider urgent care from the emergency room or hospital.

The Abortion Pill and ER: Complications that Need Hospital Care

While complication rates following medical abortion are low, some women develop problems that require immediate attention from a doctor. Some of the complications that may require ER care include:

Abortion Pill & ER: Excessive Bleeding

Sometimes, during an abortion, there can be heavy bleeding. Go for emergency medical help immediately if your pad gets soaked with blood more than once per hour for two hours consecutively or if you pass clots larger than a lemon.

    Abortion Pill & ER: Severe Pain

    The average experience of cramping and discomfort after a medical abortion is not serious. However, severe or continuous abdominal pain that does not respond to over-the-counter pain medication could be a sign of incomplete abortion or even infection.

    Abortion Pill & ER: Fever

    Temperatures above 100.4°F (38°C) can indicate the presence of an infection requiring evaluation and treatment in the ER or hospital setting.

    Abortion Pill & ER: Foul-smelling Discharge

    A smell emanating from the uterus, an odor may be discharged through the vagina during this time; a feverish feeling should also make such patients see their doctors fast enough.

    Other Concerns:

    Do not hesitate to seek medical advice or attention when any other symptoms or worries are bothering you at all levels any time they emerge.

      The Abortion Pill is the Same as a Miscarriage

      It is important to understand that from a health standpoint, medications used in inducing medical abortions like mifepristone and misoprostol do not appear in blood, urine or hair. Therefore, in case of an emergency following a medical abortion, it would be impossible for doctors to know if you had the procedure done unless you tell them yourself.

      Miscarriages and a medical abortion look identical from a medical standpoint. Both involve the expulsion of the uterine contents, and the symptoms, such as bleeding and cramping, are indistinguishable. This means that once you fail to experience any complications after a medical abortion, you can opt to confidently go for help because your rights will be observed by any facility that offers abortions under no circumstances.

      Abortion Pill & ER, Concluded

      It is critical to ensure that your health stays up-to-par. Whenever you feel complications or have concerns about anything while recovering from a medical abortion, seek medical assistance immediately. Never forget that regardless of one’s reproductive choices, healthcare providers care for women when they need help and support. Always trust your instincts; should you need assistance, give us a call!