El Paso abortion clinic

El Paso abortion clinic offers Abortion Pill in New Mexico

What Should I Expect from an El Paso abortion clinic?

At Women’s Reproductive Clinic in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, we provide abortion pills to women from El Paso abortion clinic, which are effective up to 11 weeks of pregnancy. We pride ourselves on the fact that our mission is to simply induce something that occurs in nature all the time: a miscarriage. Our process is safe and simple.

Price of El Paso TX Medical Abortion

We do not take insurance or donations, nor do we work with any funding groups. However, if a patient finds an organization to help finance the procedure, that works!

The total cost for everything done in our all-in-one-visit appointment is $700. This includes:

  • Services rendered
  • Counseling session
  • Ultrasound/Sonogram (to help us ensure we can see the gestational sac)
  • All the medications themselves

Price List:

  • All-in-one abortion appointment: $700
  • Pregnancy test (urine): FREE
  • Optional in-person follow-up: FREE
  • Clinical Pathologies Lab RH test: $8

What Medications Besides the Above Do I Need?

In addition to the medications you’ll need to terminate a pregnancy via medical abortion, we will supply you with pain management medication and an antibiotic to avoid any kind of infection. You get everything in the clinic, so there’s no need for a pharmacy.

Required Sonogram from El Paso abortion clinic

You are required to get a sonogram prior to your appointment for a medical abortion.

Here’s Why

We completely understand that this process hasn’t been this difficult in 50 years. However, before you travel all the way to our clinic in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, you must get a sonogram for one reason only — to make sure we can see the sac.

If you are too early and we can’t see the gestational sac, we cannot give you the pill because it will not work nor stop it from growing. And if you are past the 11-week mark, surgical intervention would be required because the medical abortion pills only succeed at 11 weeks and under.

We also want to be sure that it is not an ectopic pregnancy, meaning the pregnancy is not growing in the uterus. The abortion pill will not work in those situations, where surgical intervention would be needed as well.

Where Am I Going to Find a Sonogram?

Although Texas and many other states have made abortion illegal, there are still reproductive clinics that exist to help patients who travel out of state for medical procedures. These clinics also operate to help you with your follow-up, which is not required but encouraged and can also help with providing birth control options.

Beware of Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) – they do not offer nor support your choice to choose to have and abortion.