Taos, New Mexico Abortion: Same-day Appointments

To the inhabitants of Taos wrestling with the option of a clinical abortion, we grasp the exceptional obstacles you may stumble upon during the course. This intricate manual aspires to equip you with a sequenced elucidation, certifying that you are thoroughly ready, enlightened about the impending scenario, and aware of the assistance accessible to you. We pledge to streamline this voyage for you as much as feasible.

Taos Abortion: Required Sonogram

Before commencing the journey from Taos, securing a sonogram is a cardinal preliminary stride. This protocol fulfills several indispensable functions:

  1. Validation of Qualification:
  • Affirms the existence of the gestational sac in the uterus, rendering you qualified for clinical termination.

2. Exclusion of Ectopic Gestation:

  • Nullifies the potential of an ectopic gestation, wherein the sac proliferates outside the uterus, demanding surgical interference.

3. Verification of Gestational Age:

  • Corroborates that you fall within the suitable gestational age for a clinical termination (up to 10 weeks).

4. Assurance:

  • Furnishes comfort, ensuring your journey is intentional and secure.

Taos Abortion: Contact Our Clinic For Appointments

Contact us over the phone to arrange a meeting to kick-start the process. Significantly, New Mexico’s termination laws do not enforce a compulsory 24-hour waiting period, simplifying the process. Once you possess your ultrasonography results, we can schedule your meeting for the same or the subsequent day. When attending your meeting, remember to carry along:

  • A face mask for safety measures.
  • Identification documents (Passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, or social security card) for obligatory paperwork.
  • Mode of payment (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or money order) to settle the $700 lump sum for the all-inclusive clinical termination package.

The package encompasses exhaustive services like counseling, abdominal ultrasonography, and all necessary medications, including pain relief and antibiotics.

Evaluation & Post-care

Post-termination evaluation is imperative to ascertain its success. The favored method is an ultrasound, ideally arranged two weeks after the procedure for swift validation. Alternatively, if you choose a home pregnancy test, wait four to six weeks.

Closing Remarks

Our highest priority is to render the process of procuring a clinical termination as frictionless and supportive as feasible for Taos inhabitants. With our friendly, understanding, and unwavering assistance, this straightforward 3-step manual ensures you have the finest possible experience while charting the decision to terminate a gestation. Rest assured, at every juncture, we are here for you!