Medical Abortion Price Reduction: New Year, New Costs

Medical Abortion Price Reduction

As we inaugurate the New Year, the Women’s Reproductive Clinic of New Mexico is eager to divulge substantial modifications that will favorably impact our clientele and amplify the accessibility of reproductive health care. We are delighted to extend a diminished charge of $590 for our medical termination services, a reduction from the initial $700. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or money orders, facilitating convenient remuneration alternatives for our clientele.

Holistic Counseling Assistance: Medical Abortion Price Reduction

At the core of our augmented services lies devoted counseling sessions, incorporated as part of the all-encompassing $590 package. Each client will be granted the opportunity for an in-depth exploration of the medical termination procedure with a personal counselor. Our counselors confer their direct contact numbers to cultivate trust and solace, assuring open dialogue. These sessions, conducted while upholding HIPAA privacy regulations, aspire not only to navigate clients through the medical termination process but also to extend emotional backing.

Our counseling sessions transcend the clinical facets of the procedure, addressing apprehensions, offering resources, and ensuring that clients depart feeling fully prepared and self-assured. By incorporating this personal nuance, we endeavor to forge an atmosphere where clients feel acknowledged, comprehended, and supported at every juncture.

Ultrasound: Medical Abortion Price Reduction

The $590 package includes an abdominal ultrasound, a vital element of our pledge to render precise and custom-tailored care. This ultrasound acts as a triple verification to ascertain the accurate gestational age, ensuring that the medical termination is administered at the prime time—neither prematurely nor belatedly. This scrupulous method ensures the efficacy and safety of the procedure, giving precedence to the health and welfare of our clientele.

Ultrasounds for Out-of-town Patients

Should you be a Texas resident or traveling from surrounding areas over 3 hours, we require a sonogram to confirm exactly how far along you are before you travel to us. There is such a thing as being too early or too late for the abortion pill. Make sure you qualify by finding an ultrasound near you to confirm exactly how many weeks you are.

All-inclusive Medication: Simplifying the Procedure

The $590 package incorporates all the medication needed during the medical termination procedure. This encompasses antibiotics to ward off infections and pain management medication to relieve discomfort. By simplifying the procedure and incorporating these crucial medications in the package, we eliminate the need for clients to fret about extra charges, allowing them to concentrate on their welfare.

The abortion pill, a combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol, is carried out over 24 hours. We will go over the exact details during your counseling session.

No Concealed Charges: Transparent and Economical Healthcare

One of the most notable modifications is our pledge to transparency in our pricing structure. The $590 package envelops all services rendered without concealed charges. This transparent method is designed to alleviate the monetary load on our clientele, offering a straightforward and economical route to reproductive healthcare.

Diminishing Budgets, Enhancing Lives

The reduction in charge for our medical termination services from $700 to $590 is a testament to our commitment to rendering reproductive healthcare attainable to all. By encompassing comprehensive counseling, precise ultrasounds, all necessary medication, and ensuring transparent pricing, we aim to impact our clientele favorably by diminishing budgets without compromising the quality of care.

As we greet the New Year, the Women’s Reproductive Clinic of New Mexico stands at the vanguard of offering compassionate, personalized, and economical reproductive healthcare. Our augmented services mirror our dedication to empowering individuals with the resources and support they require during a critical life phase.