Caught on Camera: Exposed Tactics of Anti-Abortion Protestors

Exposed Tactics by Protestors

In the ongoing battle for reproductive rights, women’s health clinics across the nation face a growing threat from protestors and Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) employing deceptive tactics to obstruct access to abortion care. As advocates for reproductive justice, it’s imperative to shed light on these tactics and empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health.

Heightened Protest Activity at Women’s Reproductive Clinic

Since the turn of the new year, the level of protest activity outside women’s reproductive clinics, particularly those offering medical abortions, has surged. These protestors have escalated their efforts, resorting to deceitful tactics to dissuade individuals from seeking care. In response, clinics like ours have fortified our resolve to ensure access to safe and legal abortion services remains unimpeded.

Warning Against Deceptive Tactics by Protestors

A troubling development in this ongoing struggle is the emergence of protestors allegedly equipped with body cameras, ready to spread misinformation to deter individuals from attending their appointments.

Should you encounter a van adorned with pretty language and images, do not be swayed by any false claims they may make. These protestors may insist on conducting ultrasounds before entering the clinic, a blatant falsehood aimed at causing unnecessary delays and disruptions to your care.


Common Lies Spread by Protestors

The insidious nature of these protest tactics was laid bare in January 2024 when a patient was nearly held hostage by deceptive protestors in the van (see image above), causing her to almost miss her scheduled appointment. Such false entrapment tactics are not only unethical but also pose a severe threat to the health and well-being of those seeking abortion care. It’s crucial to remain vigilant and not allow these deceitful practices to undermine your right to access essential healthcare services.

Combatting Deceptive Tactics of Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs)

Moreover, protestors outside clinics often mirror the deceptive tactics employed by Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs), institutions masquerading as legitimate healthcare providers while pushing anti-abortion agendas. These centers strategically target vulnerable populations, including college students, low-income individuals, immigrants, and People of Color, under the guise of offering support and resources.

Unveiling the Deceptive Practices of CPCs

CPCs lure individuals in with promises of free pregnancy tests and counseling, omitting crucial information about their anti-abortion stance and lack of qualified medical personnel. They manipulate language and disseminate false information about abortion risks and birth control efficacy to coerce individuals into forgoing abortion care. Such practices not only undermine reproductive rights but also perpetuate harmful myths and misinformation.

Promoting Access to Accurate Reproductive Health Information

In the face of such deception, it’s essential to champion access to comprehensive and accurate reproductive health information for all individuals. Transparency is paramount, and CPCs must be held accountable for misleading practices. By empowering individuals with knowledge and support, we can ensure that everyone can make informed decisions about their reproductive health without fear of coercion or deception.

In short, Anyone OUTSIDE our clinic is anti-abortion.

In conclusion, the fight for reproductive rights is far from over. Still, by exposing and condemning the deceptive tactics of protestors, we can safeguard access to essential healthcare services and uphold the dignity and autonomy of all individuals. Let us stand together in solidarity, unwavering in our commitment to reproductive justice for all.