New Mexico Clinic Offers $200 Off Medical Abortions in Wake of Florida’s 6-week Ban

Solidarity in the Face of Struggle: Women’s Reproductive Clinic Supports Florida.

The developments of Florida’s abortion laws have caused an uproar among reproductive rights advocates around the country. However, as states deal with restrictive measures it is important that clinics and organizations come together to support those who are fighting for accessible reproductive healthcare. The Women’s Reproductive Clinic of New Mexico is committed to helping people in Florida and other areas get safe abortions.

New Mexico Supports Florida: Florida Updates on Abortion

In recent times there has been a lot going on with Florida’s abortion laws such that some court decisions have allowed for a 6-week ban to be put in place which may severely restrict access to this service by individuals living within its borders who may be forced into seeking alternative solutions or even traveling out-of-state so as receive treatment. There are exceptions for rape and incest.

New Mexico Supports Florida: We Stand with You

To show our solidarity with all people affected by these new rule changes, including medical providers based out there, we would like them to know that their friends from the Women’s Reproductive Clinic of New Mexic are here, standing beside them during these difficult times. We understand what it takes to run clinics under such hostile environments where both patients’ lives can be endangered at any time. As such, we are ready to help where necessary, besides this being part of justice work done nationwide, especially when most states don’t appreciate efforts made towards ensuring everyone gets equal opportunity regardless of their geographical location.

New Mexico Supports Florida: $200 Off Medical Abortions

We will offer $200 off our procedural cost for medical abortions if any clinic in Florida refers its clients to us (Women’s Reproductive Clinic NM). This initiative aims at reducing financial strains experienced by different facilities while catering for affordable and safe termination services among their patients. From now on, such procedures will only be charged at $390 after the discount has been applied.

New Mexico Supports Florida: Our Access Promise

Accessing quality reproductive health care should not depend on one’s luck but rather be seen as a right entitled to every person irrespective of whether they live within certain area codes or possess wealth. What we really need is for those organizations that are still reluctant to provide full support towards this issue to start realizing how important it is by extending a helping hand where necessary since, through discounts like these, women can be empowered to make informed choices regarding their bodies.

How to Get The Offer

All that clinics in Florida have to do to take advantage of the offer is refer their patients over to the Women’s Reproductive Clinic of NM, and everything else will fall into place. Once this has been done, patients will only pay $390, which represents the total cost, including the discount given on the medical abortion procedures. No further charges should be incurred during the treatment process.

Wrapping Up

In times when things appear uncertain or difficult, one thing remains true: people must stand together stronger than ever before, especially when fighting for what they believe in most – rights over their own body autonomy! So let us unite behind individuals struggling with making decisions about pregnancies while also standing beside medical centers located within such states as Florida, which may not have enough resources needed to carry out safe abortions.