International Women’s Day with Discount on Abortion Services

International Women’s Day Discount.

As March 8, 2024, International Women’s Day approaches, the world gears up to commemorate women’s social, economic, and political achievements. Originating from the early 20th-century labor movements, this day has become a global celebration of gender parity and human rights. In all these jubilations and reflections, one institution in New Mexico has a unique way of marking the day.

International Women’s Day Discount: March 8 & 9

The Women’s Reproductive Clinic of New Mexico has announced that it will be holding a special promotion to remember International Women’s Day. On March 8 and 9, we will have abortion services at a significantly lower price than usual, costing only $500 instead of $590. We came up with this idea to make reproductive healthcare more available and affordable, especially for women who are hesitant about decision-making regarding pregnancies.

Unparalleled Care & Support for Medical Abortions

One service provided by the Women’s Reproductive Clinic is medical abortion or abortion pills for pregnancies up to 11 weeks. The first medication is administered by a physician, which stops further growth of pregnancy, while the second one is taken after some twenty-four hours, leading to expelling pregnancy tissue.

How the Abortion Pill Works

This method records high success rates, usually ranging between 95% and 98% in early pregnancies, thus providing an alternative process that is safe without any surgical procedures, allowing such individuals to terminate their pregnancies within their homes privately.

The simplicity and safety of the medical abortion process, as well as its similarity to natural miscarriage, are constantly highlighted by the Women’s Reproductive Clinic. Its mission is based on providing compassionate and comprehensive care for women, ensuring they go through safe physical and emotional procedures.

International Women’s Day Discount: $590 to $500

Our clinic operates solely on a self-pay basis, even though no insurance policies or donations are involved despite the significant discount offered in honor of International Women’s Day. Nevertheless, patients can always get some financial support from other organizations.

We also provide antibiotics meant to prevent any infection and pain management medication alongside abortion medications, thus holistically approaching reproductive health.

International Women’s Day Abortion Discount

Initiatives like this special promotion by the Women’s Reproductive Clinic are reminders of the importance of accessible and affordable reproductive healthcare as the world celebrates women’s achievements and resilience on International Women’s Day. Our clinic affirms its commitment to supporting women and protecting their reproductive rights by offering reduced rates for abortions.