Accessing Abortion Services in New Mexico for Amarillo, Texas Patients

Providing information is crucial in a landscape where access to reproductive healthcare varies across different states. This blog aims to guide individuals residing in Amarillo, Texas, to consider accessing abortion care in New Mexico.

Understand Abortion Options

When it comes to terminating a pregnancy, there are various methods available, including both surgical and medical procedures. One commonly sought-after option is a medical abortion. Medical abortions involve taking prescribed medication to induce the termination of a pregnancy in its early stages. This method is safe, effective, and non-invasive.

Medical Abortion for Amarillo Patients

New Mexico is known for its relatively more permissive abortion laws than neighboring states. This makes it an option for individuals seeking abortion care. If you are an Amarillo, Texas, resident, we’ve got your back! Here are the top three steps to take:

  1. Get an ultrasound: this is important to ensure we can see the sac in the uterus. There is such a thing as taking the pill too early! This also helps ensure that you’re also not too far along. The abortion pill is successful through 7+ weeks of pregnancy.
  2. Call us to schedule your appointment: Give us a call!
  3. Make travel accommodations: whether flying or driving, get plenty of sleep for your trip.

Concluding Amarillo, Texas Patients

Accessing abortion services can be a deeply personal and complex decision. Exploring the option of obtaining an abortion in New Mexico must be well informed. Research trusted healthcare providers, understand your rights and options, and seek support from reliable individuals or organizations. Consulting with healthcare professionals who can provide the most relevant guidance based on your unique circumstances is crucial. Remember, you are not alone; resources are available to help you throughout this process.